Passion for cars,
The Unique Collection of Thierry Dehaeck


Throughout my entire life I have been passionate about beautiful cars, streamlined coachwork and high-performance engines. As a child I was already very interested in special cars and lucky enough to be able to start my collection at a young age. Fortunately, I met the right people and was able to build up an effective international network, which contributed greatly to the accumulation of this collection. In the end it turned out to be a good investment but that was never my motivation – I have always only been driven by passion! After some hesitation, I finally decided to write this book. My worry was that it would be considered pretentious, but good friends convinced me to share my passion with other enthusiasts and people equally passionate about classic cars. The collection has grown to encompass a wide variety of interesting and iconic cars, whose detailed histories feature in this book.

In truth, we are only provisional owners of our classic cars; once we leave this world they will have new owners. This is the reason why it is our responsibility to research and document their history. Thus this book is a testimony of my passion and a record of each car’s life story.

I hope you enjoy this journey in the world of classic cars.

Thierry Dehaeck

Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg: free
Rest of Europe: € 19,99
Worldwide: € 39,99