Bentley Corniche

Bentley Corniche - 1980

Private Collection







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Dark Olive

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This Bentley Corniche was ordered by Mr. Bob Lalemant living in Belgium. The file shows the “New Car Order” dated 24th April 1980 and the Invoice from RR Motors International to Royal Motor S..A. in Diegem, Belgium, for a price of 3.750.955 Belgian Francs, dated 12th June 1981. It is followed by the original invoice to the customer Mr. Lalemant dated 30th June 1981 for a price of 5.871.250 Belgian Francs VAT included. Mr. Lalemant was a very well known Bentley and Rolls Royce enthusiast. Of course, his new Bentley Corniche, was added to his impressive personal car collection. Mr. Lalemant owned many race horses and had his own Jockey team. Each single car of his collection, had a racehorse & Jockey mascot, made by Asprey in London in solid Sterling Silver. This mascot is fully hallmarked and enameled in white and green colors, reflecting the colors of his own Jockey team. Just be aware this mascot is worth £8.420 now. Another interesting artifact is that each car of the collection had next to the regular keys, also a key in “Pure Gold”. Of course we keep this golden key preciously in our safe. On 10th August 2006, during a cruise, Mr. Lalemant died at the age of 79. The file contains a review of his very successful career and life. Immediately after his dead, the entire car collection was sold. Mr. Wilfried Reynaert, CEO of the Lalemant Group, purchased this Corniche. The car was exported to Spain where Mrs. Reynaert used the car at their vacation home. In 2012 Mr. Thierry Dehaeck purchased this Bentley Corniche, becoming the third owner of this car. The file shows a lot of very nice pictures of Mr. Lalemant private car collection, including of course this Corniche. The car was always maintained meticulously, as proven by the many maintenance invoices in the file. The file contains also the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club “Chassis Card Details”. This Bentley Corniche is a very exceptional car, as only 32 series II were made. It is also very impressive because of its origin, its history and extremely well documented file, containing also the original sales brochure. No need to say this car is a fully matching numbers, maintained and stored in the best conditions and driving deliciously.