JAGUAR XKE Series 2 - 1969
Model XKE Series 2 - Manual Transmission Body Type Convertible Price SOLD
Make 1969-1971 Color Prime Rose Yellow
Year 1969 Interior Black
Specific description This is a true ONE owner car. It was repainted in 1979. Furthermore, in 2007 following was restored or redone: seats, carpeting and upholstery, engine, transmission, clutch, brakes, and suspension bushings. Total cost of this restoration was $47.000. The mechanical restoration is documented in pictures and we have all the invoices. This is a documented one owner car. It is extremely rare to have almost all details from a car from day 1. We have the original metal owners stamp with the name of the first owner as well as documentation proving he was the original owner. This car is mechanically in very good condition and it is a pleasure to drive.

Model description Following the Series 1 there was a transitional series of cars built in 1967–1968, unofficially called "Series 1½", which are externally similar to Series 1 cars. Due to American pressure the new features were open headlights, different switches, and some de-tuning (using two Zenith-Stromberg carburetters instead of the original three SUs) for US models. Some Series 1½ cars also have twin cooling fans and adjustable seat backs. Series 2 features were gradually introduced into the Series 1, creating the unofficial Series 1½ cars, but always with the Series 1 body style. A United States federal safety law affecting 1968 model year cars sold in the U.S. was the reason for the lack of headlight covers and change in switch design in the "Series 1.5" of 1968. An often overlooked change, one that is often "modified back" to the older style, is the wheel knock-off "nut." U.S. safety law for 1968 models also forbid the winged-spinner knockoff, and any 1968 model year sold in the U.S. should have a hexagonal knockoff nut, to be hammered on and off with the assistance of a special "socket" included with the car from the factory. This hexagonal nut carried on into the later Series 2 and 3.
(Source: Wikipedia)
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