Model Body Type Coupe Price P.O.A.
Make 1961-1974 Color Grey
Year 1969 Interior Black
Specific description This car is a recreation of the famous Jaguar Light Weight. It has an E-type chassis from a series II from 1969 and has been rebodied into a light weight specification. The engine is a E-Type 4.2 l that has been bored to 4.7 l. It has full race camshafts, forged pistons, 3 weber carburettors 45DCOE, 5 speed Tremac gearbox, fully flowed cylinder head by Rob Beere Racing, magnesium knock-off “D-type” wheels with 8.5” back tires and 7” front tires, custom made open side exhaust, full roll cage, big brakes, limited slip differential, speed controlled electronic power steering and a fully adjustable suspension. The car drives like crazy and is really an experience. It gives the feel and the joy of a real light weight, but at a very attractive price.

Model description Twelve cars plus two spare bodies were made by Jaguar. In some ways, this was an evolution of the low drag coupé. It made extensive use of aluminium alloy metal, in the body panels and other components. However, with at least one exception, it remained an open-top car in the spirit of the D-Type to which this car is a more direct successor than the production E-Type which is more of a GT than a sports car. The cars used an aluminium block tuned version of the production 3.8-litre Jaguar engine with 300 bhp (220 kW) output rather than the 265 bhp (198 kW) produced by the "ordinary" version. Factory-built lightweights were homologated by Jaguar with three 45DCO3 Weber carburettors in addition to a Lucas mechanical fuel injection system. Early cars were fitted with a close-ratio version of the four speed E-type gearbox, with some later cars being fitted with a ZF five speed gearbox. The cars were entered in various races but, unlike the C-Type and D-Type racing cars, they did not win at Le Mans or Sebring but were reasonably successful in private hands and in smaller races. One lightweight was modified into a low drag coupé (the Lindner/Nöcker car), by Malcolm Sayer. The Klat designed 1963 Jaguar E-type Lightweight Low Drag Coupe Another lightweight was modified into a unique low drag design (the Lumsden/Sargent car), by Dr Samir Klat of Imperial College. Along with the factory LDC, this lightweight is now believed to reside in the private collection of the current Viscount Cowdray. Many were fitted with more powerful engines as developments occurred. On 14 May 2014, Jaguar's Heritage Business announced it would be building the six 'remaining' lightweights. The original run of lightweights was meant to be 18 vehicles; however only 12 were built. The new cars, using the unused chassis codes, will be hand built to exactly the same specification as the originals. Availability was prioritised for established collectors of Jaguars, with a focus on those who have an interest in historic race cars.
(Source: Wikipedia)
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