BMW Z8 - 2000
Model BMW Z8 - Manual Transmission Body Type Roadster Price SOLD
Make 1999-2003 Color Titan Silver Metallic
Year 2000 Interior Black/Red
Specific description This BMW Z8 was originally sold to the U.S. From there it was exported to Germany and subsequently to Belgium. The car has a hardtop and is equipped with the original 18” BMW 5 spoke aluminium rims. The odometer reads 49.850 km. This Z8 is in mint condition and has never been involved in an accident. Everything is original and in excellent condition. This Z8 is a real pleasure to drive. There are no leaks of oil or water. The Z8 is considered as one of the best shaped “retro-look” cars and surely a great investment.

Model description The original Z07 had been designed with production in mind. As a result, practical and regulatory considerations necessitated very few changes for the production model. Nevertheless, the windshield of the Z8 was extended upward, and a larger front airdam was fitted. Both changes were implemented to provide aerodynamic stability and a reasonably placid cockpit environment. The four-spoke steering wheel of the concept car was replaced by a three spoke design. The hardtop was changed from a double-bubble form with a tapering faring to a single dome with a truncated convex backside. The concept's exotic driver's side helmet fairing was eliminated to allow easy operation of the power soft top. Despite these changes, the Z8 remained extremely faithful to the concept car. The side-mounted turn indicators were integrated into the side vents in a fashion that rendered them invisible until activated. The vintage simplicity of the interior was preserved by hiding the modern equipment under retracting panels. Complex compound curves were preserved through the use of an expensive MIG-welded aluminum space frame. The Z8 even retained the concept's five-spoke wheel design, albeit without the race-style center lug nut. The Z8's spaceframe was produced in the Dingolfing Plant and the car hand-finished in Munich.
(Source: Wikipedia)
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